Agatherapy and emotional pain

pexels-liza-summer-6383157We are currently running a pilot program to examine the effects of the Agatherapy intervention on emotional pain. We are looking for individuals currently undergoing emotional pain to participate in this study.

Participation is entirely voluntary. If you do decide to take part, you will be required to indicate your consent before attempting the intervention.

You have a right to withdraw from the study at any time until the data is processed, this will be within 2 weeks of the survey been closed. At this stage, the data will be anonymous and we can no longer identify your data amongst the data set.

There are no perceived disadvantages or risks in taking part in the study.

As already mentioned, the program is part of the ongoing research on the efficacy of the Agatherapy. Apart from increased possibility of enhancement of your emotional wellbeing, taking part in this study will also help the researcher’s understanding on the efficacy of the Agatherapy intervention. This includes making improvements if necessary. You will not receive any other reward for your participation.

The Agatherapy program is in four parts: pre-agatherapy survey questions, the introduction to Agatherapy, the Worship Protocol, and the post-agatherapy survey questions.

The pre-agatherapy survey entails five questions that need to be attempted before attending the introduction to Agatherapy session.

The introduction to Agatherapy session involves watching and listening to a video that takes approximately 45 minutes.

The Worship Protocol is also video based and is scheduled to last up to 60 minutes. It involves listening, watching and interacting with the proceedings.

The post-agatherapy survey is comprised of seven questions that have to be attempted upon the conclusion of the Worship protocol.

If you decide to participate in the study you will be required to complete all these sessions.

Your confidentiality and anonymity during the processing and analysis of data will be protected. You will not be required to disclose any sensitive personal information.

Data collected during the study may be looked at by individuals from relevant authorities for regulatory purposes.

All data collected will be kept for 1 year after the completion of the study. Your data will be viewed by the research team.

The results of the study may be published and/or presented at meetings or conferences. We may use verbatim quotes in the final report on the research, these will be anonymous.

If you would like further information about this study, please contact me at or

If you are happy to take part in this study please click here.