About Agatherapy

Emotional trauma is a painful experience associated with profound loss. It happens when that which we depend on and adore is taken away from us. This can be losing a spouse, parent, guardian, family member, close friend, health, finances, business, job or career.

Emotional trauma can happen to us all and at times without warning. Whether you believe in God or not, you need help to get through such a difficult time.

This is where Agatherapy comes in.

Agatherapy (from the Greek word agape which means God’s unconditional love) is an online intervention aimed at supporting individuals undergoing emotional trauma to experience healing, resilience and general wellbeing.

As a spiritually integrated intervention that is based on sound principles of psychology and Christian practice, Agatherapy engenders personal attachment with God and helps to experience His unconditional, enduring and soothing LOVE.

Love can mean different things to different people. However, within the context of Agatherapy, LOVE is an acronym for a sense of Link, Overt-kindness, Value and Equanimity.

Link stands for a sense of connectedness belonging, and identity. Overt-kindness is a word for a sense of assured nurturance, provision and care. Value is a sense of unconditional acceptance and life purpose. And, equanimity is a word for emotional comfort and resilience; the ability to cope well and rebound from the adversities of life.

In essence, we define LOVE as a sense of connectedness and belonging, assured provision, care, unconditional acceptance, life purpose and solace.

The  Agatherapy protocol is tailored to engendering a sense of attachment with God that enhances a sense of secure LOVE.

My_photo_Agatherapy was developed by Rev. Noel Maturlu, a registered psychologist (MBPsS) and PhD(c) at  Lancaster University, UK.   Born out of personal traumatic experiences, his research interests revolve around Spiritually (Theistic) integrated psychotherapy. Rev. Noel has extensive experience in academia, ecumenical, counselling, and charitable service.

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